Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dorm Life: The ups and the downs!

Hi, It's me once again! The goal of this blog is to share my experiences with you all throughout my years at the University of Southern Mississippi.  These experiences will be pleasurable, painful, and often time hilarious.  I ask that you keep supporting both me and my blog!! Thanks in advance! 

So today's topic will be about dorm life!
      I am a Sophomore Political Science major and I currently reside in Mississippi Hall (YAY ME!!) I am going to begin with the ups of dorm life (being the optimist that I am...NOT), living on campus is convenient, beneficial to learning, and sometimes cheaper.  The downs to living on campus are ROOMMATES, visitation times, strict rules, and worst of all small living spaces.  Now, like I said I am not an optimistic person, I am a realistic person; with that being said I understand the restrictions of dorm life but is it really necessary for the small spaces and incompatible roommates?
     I may not know much, but I do know that it is really hard to share a small space with someone that you barely know and that is completely opposite of you! Sigh..but I guess things will get better (Pray for me in case they don't)

                                                                    Peace and Blessings!

The Centennial Exhibit: A Century of Pride, Excellence, Success, and Loyalty

The Centennial Exhibit: A Century of Pride, Excellence, Success, and Loyalty

The Centennial Exhibit was established in March 2010 marking the 100th year of the University of Southern Mississippi. The exhibit which pays tribute to the University that has produced millions of successful businessmen, doctors, lawyers, nurses, etc before our time. The Centennial Exhibit is located on the first floor of Cook Library in room 105A, and the Web site that gives more information on the exhibit is http://www.usm.edu/centennial/

This Exhibit features never before seen photos from the early years of Southern Miss, artifacts used by teachers and students, yearbooks, and newspapers. Some items have been taken from Southern Miss’ archives, and others have been donated by various alumni. The idea for the exhibit and the actual formation of it was done by the Centennial Steering Committee and University Libraries as a tribute to Southern Miss. While it was meant to be a tribute to Southern Miss, it has a deeper meaning to students who are currently attending USM.

As a student I have been not only proud but extremely enlightened by the collection of USM memorabilia that has been gathered and displayed in the exhibit. In walking through the exhibit, I was taken decade by decade through the rich history of Southern Miss. One of the features that stuck out to me was the use of actual artifacts that depicted what life was like for students many years ago. After visiting the exhibit, it became clear exactly why the alumni association and the student alumni association have such strong support. In looking at the pictures and uniforms of various sports it became clear to me why I fell in love with this school.