Saturday, October 9, 2010

Homecoming 2k10 EAGLE STYLE!!!

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This past weekend, the students, alumni, faculty, and staff celebrated the 100th homecoming at the University of Southern Mississippi.  This week long celebration included various organizations splitting up into group and completing various challenges to determine which group had the most spirit.

The various groups throughout the week including the kickoff carnival/ float stuffing on Sunday, the Golden Eagle Challenge on Monday, The Centennial Games on Tuesday, Bring It On-Eagle Style on Wednesday, Centennial Day of Care on Thursday, Fountain Sit, NPHC Step Show, and Friday Night at the Fountain on Friday, and finally tailgating and Game day on Saturday! (more details at

Although we did not win the football game, we all remembered what it was all about.  It became clear that no matter what, win or lose we are GOLDEN EAGLES AND WE  SOAR!!!

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